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8651 [v20t0575.ftw]

Moses Dimmitt married Elizabeth White. His second wife was Ruth Jenkins.
There were 14 children in all. 
DIMMITT, Moses (I10011)
8652 [v20t0575.ftw]

Moses moved to Ross County Ohio. Had three children. 
DIMMITT, Moses (I10035)
8653 [v20t0575.ftw]

Most of the family moved to Kentucky in 1795 when Ezekiel Dimmitt was 22. Ezekiel came to Ohio in 1796. He and James Gest selected land on east fork known as Duckwall Bottoms. Married Phoebe and purchased land by James and John Gest. In the fall of 1797 he erected a cabin near where Uncle Moses house stands. In 1813 Ezekiel erected a good stone house, built a tannary and many public buildings: stone Methodist church in 1819 and a jail. He belonged to the First Methodist class at Milford in 1797. See the book on the history of Clarmont County, Ohio.
Ezekiel had two brothers and "several sisters among them Lydia".
Moses Dimmitt
John Dimmitt
Lydia Dimmitt married Joseph Duckwall 
DIMMITT, Ezekiel (I10007)
8654 [v20t0575.ftw]

Oscar's occupation was bridge builder for the Pennsylvania Railroad. He lived most of his last years with his son, Earle and his wife, Elsie, in Springfield OH. He was bedfast from a stroke when his son Earle died of a heart attack in 1951. Oscar drank to excess when his grandson, Earle A. was a teenager. Oscar travelled with train crews and his grandson saw little of him. However, when railroad retirement records were searched the Pennsylvania Railroad showed he had only worked for them for five years. 
MILLER, Oscar (I09927)
8655 [v20t0575.ftw]

Phoebe had two brothers, James and John Gest 
GEST, Phoebe (I10008)
8656 [v20t0575.ftw]

Rhoda Dimmitt married Lott Hulick and they had nine children:
Martha Hulick
Jane Hulick
Ezekiel and Oliver Hulick (twins?)
Mary Hulick
George Washington Hulick
Elizabeth Hulick
Amanda Hulick
Keziah Hulick 
HULICK, Rhoda Dimmitt (I10010)
8657 [v20t0575.ftw]

Shadrach Lane had five children. He was a pioneer merchant at Olive Branch, Ohio. 
LANE, Shadrack (I10027)
8658 [v20t0575.ftw]

Tillie (are she and Millie twins??) married Rudolph Behrens. Their children are: Corinne, Marie, Florence, Ella, Anna, Rudy, Fred. Fred was also known as "shorty". 
BEHRENS, Tillie Wesselmann (I09984)
8659 [v20t0575.ftw]

William Dimmitt came from England "at an early age" and settled in Baltimore County Maryland. 
DIMMITT, William (I10040)
8660 [v20t0575.ftw]

William owned a butcher shop beneath the family home at 1413 Race Street in Cincinnati, the Over The Rhine area of town.
William loved music and baseball and had a brother who lived in Cleveland.
German was spoke in his home.  
WESSELMANN, William H. (I09972)
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