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8851 [Swald.ftw]

She was a musician 
NEW, Lina Mable (I06729)
8852 [Swald.ftw]

She was grand parent of Bernard Moon 
PARKHURST, Chloe Ann (I06836)
8853 [Swald.ftw]

Susan was the only real DAR in Oneida Co. 
EDICK, Susan (I05800)
8854 [Swald.ftw]

third wife of John Myers 
HESS, Eva (I05620)
8855 [Swald.ftw]


Audrey says he married prominant girl, her parents did not want marriage, so the two "kids" left for North America. 
BURNS, James H. (I07082)
8856 [v20t0575.ftw]

According to Edwin, his mother was German born.
Her parents lived in Fairview Heights Cincinnati Ohio near Incline Plaza and a son and his wife lived upstairs Warner Street Hill. 
THEOBALD, Amalia (Mollie) (I09973)
8857 [v20t0575.ftw]

All children of Edwin and Grace born in Cincinnati Ohio.
Ed started as a mail boy at Diem and Wing Paper Company, Cincinnati, and retired as CEO
1413 Race Street Cincinnati Ohio as a child
Custer Avenue after marriage
Alpine Terrace at Mt. Lookout Cincinnati
990 Ridgewood Avenue, Mt Lookout
Wrote his childhood memories and his son-in-law Earle A. Miller typed them out for the family as a rememberance. 
WESSELMANN, Edwin (I09968)
8858 [v20t0575.ftw]

Annie Wesselmann married Harry Stratemeyer and they had son named Fred. who worked for the Nicholson Hotel in Florida. Fred had a son names Rudy 
STRATMEYER, Annie Wesselmann (I09982)
8859 [v20t0575.ftw]

Belinda Dimmitt married her cousin Beal Dimmitt and dies leavinbg three daughters:
Rhoda, Maria and Dorothy 
DIMMITT, Belinda (I10039)
8860 [v20t0575.ftw]

Carrie Wesselmann married Harry Fisher and their children are: Mae, Edna, Ruth, Helen, Harry and Louis. 
FISHER, Carrie Wesselmann (I09986)
8861 [v20t0575.ftw]

Christian lived in Cincinnati at the turn of the centry at the top of an incline per his grandson Edwin Wesselmann's childhood story.
Christian was a provisions dealer 
THEOBALD, Christian (I09988)
8862 [v20t0575.ftw]

Clarmont County History, page 245, states that the three brothers came from North Carolina c. 1800 and settled in Olive Branch, Ohio. So probably born in North Carolina. Robert would have been abour 42 when arriving in Ohio. Wonder  
LANE, Robert (I10024)
8863 [v20t0575.ftw]

David Dimmitt had five children:
Alonzo Dimmitt
Charles Dimmitt
Thomas Dimmitt
Kate Dimmitt
Julia "Tute" Dimmitt of Batavia 
DIMMITT, David (I10037)
8864 [v20t0575.ftw]

Deliah Dimmitt married Jonas Hare. They had six children:
Thomas Hare
Jonas HJare
John Hare
Phoebe Haire
Ann (Hill)
Sarah (McCord) 
HARE, Deliah Dimmitt (I10012)
8865 [v20t0575.ftw]

Elizabeth (Betty) Caroline Duckwall married George Mason Nicholson January 8, 1920 Camden East, Ontario, Canada. They had one daugher Carol Mason Nicholson born July 10 1929 in Parkersburg West Virginia. Carol married Alfred Bailey Phillips, Jr. on April 21 1951 in St. Petersburg, Florida. They had one son Alfred Bailey Phillips III born September 10, 1952. He married Connie Lee Gesser May 6, 1972 in St. Petersburg, Florida. They have three children: Nathaniel Mason Phillips born May 23 1978 in Oak Harbor Washington. Matthew Lane Phillips born October 26 1979 in St. Petersburg Florida and Katherine Elizabeth Phillips born November 25 1981 at Oak Harbor Washington. 
DUCKWALL, Elizabeth Caroline (I09977)
8866 [v20t0575.ftw]

Elizabeth Dimmitt married Brice(or Pence) R. Blair. They had six children:
Erastus Blair
George Blair
John Blair
Ezekiel Blair
Elizabeth Blair
Keziah Blair married Robinson and had 3 children:
Sarah Jane Robinson
Keziah Robinson
Charles Arthur Robinson 
BLAIR, Elizabeth Dimmitt (I10015)
8867 [v20t0575.ftw]

Elizabeth Lane married T.J. Cagel. At least three sisters listed in Clarmont County History page 246. 
CAGEL, Elizabeth Lane (I10034)
8868 [v20t0575.ftw]

Ella Wesselmann married Cecil Krebs and they had a daughter named Edith. Earle Arthur Miller has a picture of Ella on her 100th birthday May 4 1981 in Pittsburg Pennsylvania 
KREBS, Ella Wesselmann (I09983)
8869 [v20t0575.ftw]

Frederick was a cabinet maker who immigrated to the United States from Germany in 1865. He and his wife and their nine children lived in Cheviot Ohio just west of Cincinnati. Edwin Wesselmann writes in his childhood story of great times at his grandparents home. 
WESSELMANN, Frederick (I09979)
8870 [v20t0575.ftw]

Frederick was an attorney. He married Grace Kerr daughter of Dr. James C. Kerr and Isabelle Frazier Kerr. Their son, David died of typhoid fever early in his life. 
WESSELMANN, Frederick F. (I09981)
8871 [v20t0575.ftw]

Grace was baptised June 26, 1910 at the M.E. Church, Batavia Ohio 
DUCKWALL, Grace Estelle (I09969)
8872 [v20t0575.ftw]

Howard was an engineer for a paper company, and lived in Canada during World War I at Camden East, Ontario. He also was the Superintendent of the Batavia Water and Power Works.
One residence was 2284 Highland Avenue, Norwood, Ohio.
He and his wife, Etta Belle, were remembered by their grandchildren as being wonderful grandparents....very sweet and kind people.
He was a memeber of the Masonic Lodge. 
DUCKWALL, Howard (I09975)
8873 [v20t0575.ftw]

Jemima Lane married Joseph Gest. At least three sisters are listed in Clairmont County History, page 246. 
GEST, Jemima Lane (I10032)
8874 [v20t0575.ftw]

John Dimmitt Jr. married a sister of Phoebe Gest. They had several children, one being the Rev. Jacob Gest Dimmitt, a Methodist minister, who moved west. 
JR., John Dimmitt (I10036)
8875 [v20t0575.ftw]

John Dimmitt married Nancy Duckwall July 4 1816. Nancy died November 12 1821. They had two children: Ezekiel Dimmitt and Susanna Dimmitt. His second wife was Nancy Hare. They married March 1824 and had six children. 
DIMMITT, John (I10009)
8876 [v20t0575.ftw]

Kate Wesselmann married Charles Luhrman and their children are: Carl, Nora and Nora married ? Johnson 
LUHRMAN, Kate Wesselmann (I09987)
8877 [v20t0575.ftw]

Katherine's parents were from Germany. 
HABIGHORST, Katherine (I09980)
8878 [v20t0575.ftw]

Lydia Dimmitt married Jacob L. Teal. They had five children:
Keziah married Mead
Granville Teal
Caroline married Johnson
Viola married Miller
Tom Teal 
TEAL, Lydia Dimmitt (I10014)
8879 [v20t0575.ftw]

Lydia Dimmitt married Joseph Duckwall, and they had seven children including John and Rhoda Ann 
DUCKWALL, Lydia Dimmit (I10038)
8880 [v20t0575.ftw]

Maria Elizabeth (Lizzie) lived on Westwood Avenue in the 1880 census. Her daughter-in-law said she had a hard time understanding the converstions in the home as German was the main language.
Anna Rosewich (aunt??) married to Steve, and they had a child named Grace per a 1881 letter.
Ursula Roseiwsh witnessed Elizabeth and Oscar's wedding. Puzzle: no sister named Ursula listed in 1880 census....perhaps a cousin. 
ROSEWICH, Maria Elizabeth (I09928)
8881 [v20t0575.ftw]

Maria had a brother Adam who was born in Germany and died of small pox February 10 1876. He was 26 years six months old. He is buried at 17 Brown Street Cemetery 
BAUSANCOURT, Maria (Mary) (I09989)
8882 [v20t0575.ftw]

Married and sister of Rhoda St Clair and moved from Virginia to Kentucky 
DIMMITT, James (I10041)
8883 [v20t0575.ftw]

Mary Lane married Dr. Samuel Doughty. At least three sisters listed in Clarmont County History Page 246. 
DOUGHTY, Mary Lane (I10033)
8884 [v20t0575.ftw]

Millie Wesselmann maarried George Muhr. Their children are: George, Fred, and Willie 
MUHR, Millie Wesselmann (I09985)
8885 [v20t0575.ftw]

Moses Dimmitt married Elizabeth White. His second wife was Ruth Jenkins.
There were 14 children in all. 
DIMMITT, Moses (I10011)
8886 [v20t0575.ftw]

Moses moved to Ross County Ohio. Had three children. 
DIMMITT, Moses (I10035)
8887 [v20t0575.ftw]

Most of the family moved to Kentucky in 1795 when Ezekiel Dimmitt was 22. Ezekiel came to Ohio in 1796. He and James Gest selected land on east fork known as Duckwall Bottoms. Married Phoebe and purchased land by James and John Gest. In the fall of 1797 he erected a cabin near where Uncle Moses house stands. In 1813 Ezekiel erected a good stone house, built a tannary and many public buildings: stone Methodist church in 1819 and a jail. He belonged to the First Methodist class at Milford in 1797. See the book on the history of Clarmont County, Ohio.
Ezekiel had two brothers and "several sisters among them Lydia".
Moses Dimmitt
John Dimmitt
Lydia Dimmitt married Joseph Duckwall 
DIMMITT, Ezekiel (I10007)
8888 [v20t0575.ftw]

Oscar's occupation was bridge builder for the Pennsylvania Railroad. He lived most of his last years with his son, Earle and his wife, Elsie, in Springfield OH. He was bedfast from a stroke when his son Earle died of a heart attack in 1951. Oscar drank to excess when his grandson, Earle A. was a teenager. Oscar travelled with train crews and his grandson saw little of him. However, when railroad retirement records were searched the Pennsylvania Railroad showed he had only worked for them for five years. 
MILLER, Oscar (I09927)
8889 [v20t0575.ftw]

Phoebe had two brothers, James and John Gest 
GEST, Phoebe (I10008)
8890 [v20t0575.ftw]

Rhoda Dimmitt married Lott Hulick and they had nine children:
Martha Hulick
Jane Hulick
Ezekiel and Oliver Hulick (twins?)
Mary Hulick
George Washington Hulick
Elizabeth Hulick
Amanda Hulick
Keziah Hulick 
HULICK, Rhoda Dimmitt (I10010)
8891 [v20t0575.ftw]

Shadrach Lane had five children. He was a pioneer merchant at Olive Branch, Ohio. 
LANE, Shadrack (I10027)
8892 [v20t0575.ftw]

Tillie (are she and Millie twins??) married Rudolph Behrens. Their children are: Corinne, Marie, Florence, Ella, Anna, Rudy, Fred. Fred was also known as "shorty". 
BEHRENS, Tillie Wesselmann (I09984)
8893 [v20t0575.ftw]

William Dimmitt came from England "at an early age" and settled in Baltimore County Maryland. 
DIMMITT, William (I10040)
8894 [v20t0575.ftw]

William owned a butcher shop beneath the family home at 1413 Race Street in Cincinnati, the Over The Rhine area of town.
William loved music and baseball and had a brother who lived in Cleveland.
German was spoke in his home.  
WESSELMANN, William H. (I09972)
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8896 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I09676)

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