genealogy of the Schwald-Bergh and Buck-Verdugo families
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Monterey County, California


Tree: 1. Schwald - WA-NY-OR-TX

County/Shire : Latitude: 36.3136201, Longitude: -121.3541631


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BOTILLER, Jose de Jesus  Abt. 1849Monterey County, California I26292
2 BOTILLER, Josefa  Abt. 1850Monterey County, California I26293
3 CAMACHO, Maria Josepha Florentina  15 Mar 1776Monterey County, California I20874
4 ESPINOSA, Abel  Abt. 1856Monterey County, California I20862
5 ESPINOSA, Abelina  Abt. 1862Monterey County, California I20882
6 ESPINOSA, Besenta  Abt. 1856Monterey County, California I20880
7 ESPINOSA, Cesario  Abt. 1852Monterey County, California I20860
8 ESPINOSA, Dahlia  Oct 1869Monterey County, California I20873
9 ESPINOSA, Faustino  Abt. 1850Monterey County, California I20859
10 ESPINOSA, Fidel  Abt. 1866Monterey County, California I20837
11 ESPINOSA, Jose  Abt. 1858Monterey County, California I20881
12 ESPINOSA, Jose Gabriel Meliton  10 Mar 1840Monterey County, California I20905
13 ESPINOSA, Jose M.  Jun 1850Monterey County, California I20858
14 ESPINOSA, Julia  Abt. Jan 1860Monterey County, California I20863
15 ESPINOSA, Marcelina  Abt. 1854Monterey County, California I20861
16 ESPINOSA, Maria Soledad Macaria  11 Mar 1837Monterey County, California I20904
17 ESPINOSA, Pedro Jr.  Feb 1870Monterey County, California I20864
18 ESPINOSA, Rose "Rosa"  Aug 1898Monterey County, California I20839
19 FELIZ, Maria Josefa  Abt. Aug 1851Monterey County, California I25913
20 GARCIA, Damian  Abt. 1851Monterey County, California I20921
21 GARCIA, Frank Fermin  7 Jul 1878Monterey County, California I20884
22 GUERRERO, Jose  Abt. 1854Monterey County, California I20866
23 GUERRERO, Jose  Abt. 1859Monterey County, California I20869
24 GUERRERO, Jose Baltazar  7 Jan 1820Monterey County, California I20891
25 GUERRERO, Lalo  Nov 1888Monterey County, California I20879
26 GUERRERO, Maria  Abt. 1858Monterey County, California I20870
27 GUERRERO, Maria Josefa Magdalena Simona Florencia  27 Oct 1815Monterey County, California I20892
28 GUERRERO, Maria Luisa  Abt. 1845Monterey County, California I20865
29 GUERRERO, Rafael  Abt. 1855Monterey County, California I20867
30 GUERRERO, Simona  Abt. 1856Monterey County, California I20868
31 GUERRERO, Soila  Aug 1887Monterey County, California I20878
32 HALEY, Telesforo  Abt. 1857Monterey County, California I24755
33 LARIOS, Damian  Abt. 1856Monterey County, California I26572
34 LARIOS, Jose "Antonio" Mateo  17 Sep 1850Monterey County, California I26570
35 LARIOS, Maria A.  Abt. 1854Monterey County, California I26571
36 LARIOS, Teodoro  Abt. Dec 1859Monterey County, California I26574
37 LARIOS, Teofilo  Abt. 1858Monterey County, California I26573
38 SANCHEZ, Cristina  Abt. 1854Monterey County, California I26517
39 SANCHEZ, Francisco  Abt. 1859Monterey County, California I26519
40 SANCHEZ, Guadalupe  Abt. 1857Monterey County, California I26518
41 SANCHEZ, Manuel de Jesus Casimiro  4 Mar 1866Monterey County, California I26520
42 SOBERANES, Maria del Refugio  Abt. Aug 1853Monterey County, California I14907
43 SOBERANES, Maria Genoveva  Nov 1851Monterey County, California I14906
44 SOTO, Maria del Pilar Edubijes  17 Oct 1849Monterey County, California I22657
45 VILLAVICENCIO, Maria de los Angeles  11 Mar 1850Monterey County, California I25171


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 AMESQUITA AMEZQUITA, Juan Jose  Bef. 1 Aug 1842Monterey County, California I18583
2 AMESQUITA AMEZQUITA, Maria "Guadalupe"  Bef. 21 Jun 1880Monterey County, California I20826
3 AMESQUITA AMEZQUITA, Maria Guadalupe "Barbara"  Bet. 1900-1905Monterey County, California I20823
4 BRIONES, Vicente  3 May 1813Monterey County, California I12309
5 CAMARGO, Tomas Teodoro  16 Feb 1929Monterey County, California I16884
6 CASTRO, Maria Antonia Anselma  Abt. 17 Jul 1890Monterey County, California I26588
7 DE LA TORRE, Jose "Gabriel"  Abt. 13 Mar 1873Monterey County, California I25967
8 ESPINOSA, Dahlia  Bef. 3 Jul 1900Monterey County, California I20873
9 ESPINOSA, Manuel Antonio  Bef. 21 Jun 1880Monterey County, California I12822
10 ESPINOSA, Pedro Angel Antonio Cecelio  3 Apr 1898Monterey County, California I20830
11 FELIZ, Juana  Abt. 31 Jul 1894Monterey County, California I25898
12 GARIBAY, Paula  Abt. 19 Nov 1870Monterey County, California I23536
13 GERMAN, Yldefonsa  Abt. 23 Dec 1850Monterey County, California I14926
14 GUERRERO, Jose Julian  Abt. 18 Jul 1862Monterey County, California I20833
15 GUERRERO, Mathias  12 Sep 1825Monterey County, California I20835
16 HIGUERA, Jose Manuel  Abt. 17 Mar 1807Monterey County, California I20875
17 INDIA, Mariana  Abt. 14 Nov 1806Monterey County, California I12312
18 PICO, Maria Antonia  Abt. 12 Dec 1883Monterey County, California I26584
19 ROMERO, Juana Maria Eduvigis  Abt. 7 Sep 1889Monterey County, California I23154
20 SANCHEZ, Rafael  Abt. 18 Jan 1865Monterey County, California I26595
21 SEPULVEDA, Juan Bautista Miguel  19 Dec 1850Monterey County, California I21829
22 YBARRA, Maria Antonia  16 Jul 1980Monterey County, California I16377


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 AMESQUITA AMEZQUITA, Maria "Guadalupe"  Bef. 21 Jun 1880Monterey County, California I20826
2 AMESQUITA AMEZQUITA, Maria Guadalupe "Barbara"  Bet. 1900-1905Monterey County, California I20823
3 CAMARGO, Tomas Teodoro  Abt. 18 Feb 1929Monterey County, California I16884
4 ESPINOSA, Dahlia  Bef. 3 Jul 1900Monterey County, California I20873
5 ESPINOSA, Manuel Antonio  Bef. 21 Jun 1880Monterey County, California I12822


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 ALBISO ALVISO, Eulogio "Meliton"  28 Sep 1850Monterey County, California I22609
2 ALBISO ALVISO, Eulogio "Meliton"  1852Monterey County, California I22609
3 ALBISO ALVISO, Mandal  28 Sep 1850Monterey County, California I22607
4 ALBISO ALVISO, Mandal  1852Monterey County, California I22607
5 ALBISO ALVISO, Maria Pascuala de los Angeles  28 Sep 1850Monterey County, California I22610
6 ALBISO ALVISO, Maria Pascuala de los Angeles  1852Monterey County, California I22610
7 ALBISO ALVISO, Miguel Rosario Matias  28 Sep 1850Monterey County, California I22605
8 ALBISO ALVISO, Miguel Rosario Matias  1852Monterey County, California I22605
9 ALBISO ALVISO, Simon "Rafael" del Rosario  28 Sep 1850Monterey County, California I22606
10 AMESQUITA AMEZQUITA, Jose "Aniceto"  25 Aug 1852Monterey County, California I20818
11 AMESQUITA AMEZQUITA, Manuel Casildo  25 Aug 1852Monterey County, California I20827
12 AMESQUITA AMEZQUITA, Maria "Guadalupe"  18-19 Sep 1852Monterey County, California I20826
13 AMESQUITA AMEZQUITA, Maria Guadalupe "Barbara"  25 Aug 1852Monterey County, California I20823
14 ANDRADA ANDRADE, Jose Maria Alvino de Jesus  4-5 Sep 1852Monterey County, California I26283
15 ANDRADA ANDRADE, Maria de los Angeles  5-6 Jul 1852Monterey County, California I26288
16 ANDRADA ANDRADE, Maria Elena Beatriz  4-5 Sep 1852Monterey County, California I26282
17 ARCEO, Maria "Gregoria"  25 Aug 1852Monterey County, California I18602
18 BOTILLER, Jose de Jesus  4-5 Sep 1852Monterey County, California I26292
19 BOTILLER, Josefa  4-5 Sep 1852Monterey County, California I26293
20 BUTRON, Barbara Getrudis  28 Sep 1850Monterey County, California I13199
21 BUTRON, Barbara Getrudis  1852Monterey County, California I13199
22 ESPINOSA, Jose "Marcos" Petronilo de Jesus  18-19 Sep 1852Monterey County, California I20856
23 ESPINOSA, Jose M.  18-19 Sep 1852Monterey County, California I20858
24 ESPINOSA, Maria C.A.  18-19 Sep 1852Monterey County, California I20857
25 ESPINOSA, Pedro Angel Antonio Cecelio  18-19 Sep 1852Monterey County, California I20830
26 GARCIA, Damian  12 Jul 1852Monterey County, California I20921
27 GARCIA, Jose "Dionicio" Zuniga  12 Jul 1852Monterey County, California I20918
28 GUERRERO, Jesus  25 Aug 1852Monterey County, California I20854
29 GUERRERO, Jose Julian  25 Aug 1852Monterey County, California I20833
30 GUERRERO, Juan Francisco  25 Aug 1852Monterey County, California I20853
31 GUERRERO, Maria Luisa  25 Aug 1852Monterey County, California I20865
32 GUERRERO, Pedro  25 Aug 1852Monterey County, California I20855
33 LOPEZ, Barbara Maria Jacinta  1852Monterey County, California I13216
34 LOPEZ, Jose "Nicolas" George  1852Monterey County, California I13214
35 LOPEZ, Jose "Tiburcio" Cipriano  1852Monterey County, California I13209
36 LOPEZ, Jose Agustin "Francisco"  1852Monterey County, California I13210
37 LOPEZ, Jose de "Jesus" Tomas  1852Monterey County, California I13211
38 LOPEZ, Jose de la Natividad "Patrocinio"  1852Monterey County, California I13213
39 LOPEZ, Jose Rogoberto Laureano  1852Monterey County, California I13219
40 LOPEZ, Maria Josefa Pomposa "Vicenta"  1852Monterey County, California I13218
41 ZUNIGA, Maria Timotea "Cecilia"  12 Jul 1852Monterey County, California I12537

Voter Registration

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Voter Registration    Person ID 
1 GARCIA, Jose "Dionicio" Zuniga  1 Sep 1869Monterey County, California I20918


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ESPINOSA / NIDEVER  15 Dec 1891Monterey County, California F6827
2 QUINTERO / REYNA  06 Jan 1866Monterey County, California F5046