genealogy of the Schwald-Bergh and Buck-Verdugo families
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Oriskany, Oneida, New York


Tree: 1. Schwald - WA-NY-OR-TX

City/Town : Latitude: 43.158368, Longitude: -75.331506


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BIELBY, William James  26 Jan 1849Oriskany, Oneida, New York I05023
2 PHILLIPS, Thomas Jefferson  20 Apr 1853Oriskany, Oneida, New York I03640
3 PHILLIPS, Sarah C.  14 May 1857Oriskany, Oneida, New York I03970
4 PHILLIPS, Jabez  1862Oriskany, Oneida, New York I03633
5 PHILLIPS, Jane  1865Oriskany, Oneida, New York I03971
6 PHILLIPS, Anna  1869Oriskany, Oneida, New York I03972
7 PHILLIPS, Ada B  16 Jul 1882Oriskany, Oneida, New York I03976
8 BIELBY, Isaac Prudens  4 Jun 1883Oriskany, Oneida, New York I05027
9 PHILLIPS, Isabel Sarah  8 Jul 1890Oriskany, Oneida, New York I03980
10 FOLEY, Charles James (Sr.)  28 Sep 1903Oriskany, Oneida, New York I02668
11 PHILLIPS, Thomas Jefferson  12 Aug 1904Oriskany, Oneida, New York I03987
12 BIELBY, Willis Owens  14 Dec 1906Oriskany, Oneida, New York I05034
13 FOLEY, Thomas  8 Oct 1908Oriskany, Oneida, New York I02669
14 BIELBY, Helen Gertrude  15 Mar 1909Oriskany, Oneida, New York I05036
15 HILLAGE, Alpha Nellie  7 Apr 1909Oriskany, Oneida, New York I02673
16 BIELBY, Bernice Winifred  18 Jan 1911Oriskany, Oneida, New York I05037
17 BIELBY, Elizabeth Sarah  2 Oct 1922Oriskany, Oneida, New York I05043
18 THRASHER, Marian Nellie  31 Oct 1922Oriskany, Oneida, New York I04800


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 PETRIE, Dietrich "Marcus" (Lt.)  6 Aug 1777Oriskany, Oneida, New York I06574
2 THRASHER, James Ira  1885Oriskany, Oneida, New York I07083
3 THRASHER, Francis  1905Oriskany, Oneida, New York I05318
4 PHILLIPS, Ada B  1907Oriskany, Oneida, New York I03976
5 BIELBY, Clarence Preston  23 Aug 1910Oriskany, Oneida, New York I05035
6 UNKNOWN, Sarah A.  1913Oriskany, Oneida, New York I07057
7 WYNN, Rosa Marie  16 Feb 1920Oriskany, Oneida, New York I04051
8 WILLIAMS, Hugh H.  17 Nov 1922Oriskany, Oneida, New York I04014
9 WYNN, John D  5 Jun 1923Oriskany, Oneida, New York I03462
10 SMITH, Mary Ann  23 Apr 1928Oriskany, Oneida, New York I02647
11 FOLEY, Thomas  9 May 1928Oriskany, Oneida, New York I02669
12 BIELBY, William James  4 Jan 1931Oriskany, Oneida, New York I05023
13 WILLIAMS, Gomer  31 Oct 1931Oriskany, Oneida, New York I03445
14 PHILLIPS, Sarah C.  19 Jan 1933Oriskany, Oneida, New York I03970
15 HILLAGE, Benjamin Charles  15 Apr 1944Oriskany, Oneida, New York I02683
16 THRASHER, John Wharram  7 Aug 1954Oriskany, Oneida, New York I04606
17 BIELBY, James Allison  28 Oct 1956Oriskany, Oneida, New York I05024
18 BIELBY, Isaac Prudens  7 Dec 1957Oriskany, Oneida, New York I05027
19 OWENS, Helen Cornelia  18 Aug 1969Oriskany, Oneida, New York I05032
20 PHILLIPS, Isabel Sarah  29 Nov 1973Oriskany, Oneida, New York I03980
21 THRASHER, Marian Nellie  17 Feb 1977Oriskany, Oneida, New York I04800
22 HILLAGE, Alpha Nellie  5 Apr 1987Oriskany, Oneida, New York I02673
23 PHILLIPS, Thomas Jefferson  28 May 1987Oriskany, Oneida, New York I03987
24 WALKER, Gladys I.  19 Oct 1987Oriskany, Oneida, New York I06945
25 O`CONNOR, Donald Roger (Sr.)  30 Jun 1995Oriskany, Oneida, New York I03135
26 FOLEY, Charles James (Sr.)  1 Feb 1997Oriskany, Oneida, New York I02668


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 THRASHER, Marian Nellie  Abt. 19 Feb 1977Oriskany, Oneida, New York I04800
2 THRASHER, Anna Isabel  Jul 2011Oriskany, Oneida, New York I02584


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 THRASHER / PHILLIPS  16 Jan 1909Oriskany, Oneida, New York F1547