genealogy of the Schwald-Bergh and Buck-Verdugo families
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Ventura County, California


Tree: 1. Schwald - WA-NY-OR-TX

County/Shire : Latitude: 34.3704884, Longitude: -119.1390642

Tree: 3. Rutan

County/Shire : Latitude: 34.3704884, Longitude: -119.1390642


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ANGUISOLA, Carlos  Abt. July 1870Ventura County, California I24165
2 ARELLANES, Rita Micaela  Abt. 24 Jan 1886Ventura County, California I17469
3 ARNAZ, Santiago  Abt. 1873Ventura County, California I24160
4 AYALA, Alonzo  15 Mar 1903Ventura County, California I12685
5 AYALA, Alonzo "Antonio"  18 Aug 1931Ventura County, California I12691
6 AYALA, Alonzo Teodocio "Teddy" J.  28 Mar 1928Ventura County, California I12722
7 AYALA, Antonio Domingo  Dec 1878Ventura County, California I12681
8 AYALA, Joaquin  Apr 1880Ventura County, California I12682
9 AYALA, Maria Del Carmen  Abt. 1853Ventura County, California I11870
10 AYALA, Teodosio  Nov 1877Ventura County, California I12680
11 AYALA, Violet Sylvia  29 Oct 1934Ventura County, California I12721
12 ESPERANCE, Anita D. Esperance  28 Sep 1924Ventura County, California I22704
13 ESPERANCE, Augustine  20 Oct 1925Ventura County, California I22705
14 FOWLER, Lena B.  28 Oct 1922Ventura County, California I11666
15 FRENES, Mabel  24 Mar 1912Ventura County, California I17307
16 JANSSENS, Rudolph Charles  14 Mar 1907Ventura County, California I11657
17 LOPEZ, Jose de Jesus  Abt. 1874Ventura County, California I23608
18 LOPEZ, Juan  Abt. 1879Ventura County, California I23610
19 LOPEZ, Osbaldo  Abt. 1876Ventura County, California I23609
20 MARTINEZ, James Fidel  26 Mar 1938Ventura County, California I22706
21 MORAGA, Andrew  Mar 1890Ventura County, California I23324
22 MORAGA, Charles  Nov 1883Ventura County, California I23323
23 NAVARRO, Elizabeth M. "Lizzie"  27 Apr 1880Ventura County, California I11604
24 NAVARRO, Jose "Joe"  Bef. 22 Jan 1885Ventura County, California I26160
25 NAVARRO, Lola  5 Nov 1924Ventura County, California I26162
26 OBIOLS, Maria Juana Marta  Abt. 1860Ventura County, California I26047
27 OBIOLS, Marta Policarpa  Abt. Aug 1861Ventura County, California I26048
28 ONTIVEROS, Maria De La Asumpcion  Aug 1783Ventura County, California I11695
29 ORTEGA, Carrie  Abt. 1896Ventura County, California I22692
30 ORTEGA, Clara  Jun 1886Ventura County, California I22690
31 ORTEGA, Genevieve  Abt. 1877Ventura County, California I22685
32 ORTEGA, Gregorio  Abt. 1872Ventura County, California I22682
33 ORTEGA, Isabel  Nov 1883Ventura County, California I22688
34 ORTEGA, John  Abt. 1900Ventura County, California I11884
35 ORTEGA, Jose Dionisio  Apr 1880Ventura County, California I22689
36 ORTEGA, Lucy  Dec 1881Ventura County, California I22687
37 ORTEGA, Marcelina  Abt. 1876Ventura County, California I22684
38 ORTEGA, Maria Antonia  Abt. 1870Ventura County, California I22681
39 ORTEGA, Maria L.  Abt. 1873Ventura County, California I22683
40 ORTEGA, Refugio  Abt.1890Ventura County, California I22691
41 ORTEGA, Tomas  Abt. 1891Ventura County, California I22693
42 PALOMINO, Delphine Eva Palomino  24 Dec 1920Ventura County, California I22703
43 ROBERTSON, Alexander M.  15 Aug 1916Ventura County, California I19336
44 ROBERTSON, Edward L.  15 Apr 1919Ventura County, California I19337
45 RODRIGUEZ, Juanita E.  Abt. 1916Ventura County, California I17846
46 RUIZ, Joseph "Gregorio"  12 Mar 1877Ventura County, California I10077
47 RUIZ, Salome Marie  22 Oct 1881Ventura County, California I00459


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 ORTEGA, John  Abt. 1900Ventura County, California I11884


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ACHORDO, Mary  2 Nov 1918Ventura County, California I11614
2 ANGUISOLA, Carlos  Abt. 9 Jan 1873Ventura County, California I24165
3 ARELLANES, Rita Micaela  Abt. 24 Jan 1886Ventura County, California I17469
4 ARNAZ, Adelaida  Abt. 18 May 1882Ventura County, California I24161
5 ARNAZ, Santiago  Abt. 11 Aug 1874Ventura County, California I24160
6 AYERS, Ruth Elizabeth  31 Jan 1991Ventura County, California I16153
7 AYERS, William  1922Ventura County, California I16154
8 BALDONADO, Celedonia  08 Dec 1916Ventura County, California I12751
9 CONSTANCIA, Peter  15 Jun 1903Ventura County, California I16518
10 CORONA, Andrew Joseph  26 Aug 1944Ventura County, California I12760
11 COTA, Maria Refugio de las Mercedes Valenzuela  08 Feb 1923Ventura County, California I11839
12 CURRY, Sarah Evelyn  07 Mar 1933Ventura County, California I16155
13 DEL VALLE, Ygnacio Ramon de Jesus  30 Mar 1880Ventura County, California I26039
14 DOMINGUEZ, Ruperto "Roberto"  Abt. 20 Dec 1878Ventura County, California I12843
15 ESQUIVEL, Isabel  21 Jan 1885Ventura County, California I12740
16 FIGUEROA, Maria Josefa de los Dolores  22 Apr 1917Ventura County, California I14200
17 FLORES, Magdalena  Abt. 30 Jun 1885Ventura County, California I15987
18 GARCIA, Manuel  21 Oct 1903Ventura County, California I15873
19 GONZALEZ, Maria de Jesus  2 May 1880Ventura County, California I23856
20 JANSSENS PICO, Marie C.  09 Jan 1998Ventura County, California I11655
21 KAHN, Samuel  5 Nov 1918Ventura County, California I19287
22 LOPEZ, Jose del Carmen  Abt. 8 Jun 1882Ventura County, California I20335
23 LOPEZ DEL VALLE, Maria Magdalena Antonia del  20 Jan 1891Ventura County, California I10678
24 LORENZANA, Jacinta  09 Aug 1922Ventura County, California I15999
25 LORENZANA, Manuel Salvador  Abt. 1 Feb 1889Ventura County, California I16011
26 LORENZANA, Panfilo  Bef. 11 Apr 1930Ventura County, California I11867
27 LORENZANA, Victor E.  28 Feb 1971Ventura County, California I11856
28 MAYTORENA, Elicia "Elsie"  06 Jan 1972Ventura County, California I12690
29 MELENDEZ, Jose Refugio Francisco  27 Oct 1964Ventura County, California I12717
30 NABARRO NAVARRO, Carmen Phyllis  24 Apr 1993Ventura County, California I11615
31 NABARRO NAVARRO, Juan "John" Esquivel  25 Oct 1953Ventura County, California I20322
32 NAVARRO, Abraham  5 May 1936Ventura County, California I26163
33 OBIOLS, Maria Juana Marta  Abt. 2 Mar 1861Ventura County, California I26047
34 OBIOLS, Marta Policarpa  Abt. 17 Oct 1862Ventura County, California I26048
35 OLIVAS, "Remigio" Trinidad  Abt. 07 Dec 1928Ventura County, California I15066
36 OLIVAS, Francisca  10 Nov 1920Ventura County, California I15071
37 OLIVAS, Jose "Dolores" Trinidad  08 Jul 1911Ventura County, California I12929
38 OLIVAS, Jose "Raymundo" de Jesus  08 Nov 1938Ventura County, California I15074
39 OLIVAS, Jose de Jesus  15 Aug 1911Ventura County, California I15072
40 OLIVAS, Jose de la "Trinidad"  06 Jul 1899Ventura County, California I15067
41 OLIVAS, Jose de los Santos de Jesus  02 Dec 1915Ventura County, California I15069
42 OLIVAS, Jose Nicolas  31 Dec 1914Ventura County, California I12925
43 OLIVAS, Luis Rey  01 Feb 1913Ventura County, California I12926
44 OLIVAS, Maria "Dominga" de Jesus de Paula  29 Oct 1893Ventura County, California I16159
45 OLIVAS, Sarita "Sarah"  1885Ventura County, California I15981
46 OLIVERA, Eduarda  Abt. 23 Apr 1882Ventura County, California I23867
47 OLIVERA, Erolinda  Abt. 2 Dec 1880Ventura County, California I23865
48 OLIVERA, Jose de Jesus Alta Gracia "Estevan"  16 Apr 1884Ventura County, California I21618
49 OLIVERA, Josefa  Abt. 16 Dec 1884Ventura County, California I23864
50 OLIVERA, Manuela  Abt. 3 Feb 1884Ventura County, California I23866

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 ACHORDO, Mary  Abt. 4 Nov 1918Ventura County, California I11614
2 CHAFFEE, Arthur William  Mar 2010Ventura County, California I11893
3 CONSTANCIA, Peter  Abt. 17 Jun 1903Ventura County, California I16518
4 CORONA, Andrew Joseph  Abt. 29 Aug 1944Ventura County, California I12760
5 COTA, Maria Refugio de las Mercedes Valenzuela  Feb 1923Ventura County, California I11839
6 GARCIA, Manuel  Ab. 23 Oct 1903Ventura County, California I15873
7 JANSSENS PICO, Marie C.  Jan 1998Ventura County, California I11655
8 KAHN, Samuel  Abt. 7 Nov 1918Ventura County, California I19287
9 LORENZANA, Panfilo  Bef. 11 Apr 1930Ventura County, California I11867
10 LORENZANA, Victor E.  28 Feb 1971Ventura County, California I11856
11 NABARRO NAVARRO, Carmen Phyllis  Abt. 26 Apr 1993Ventura County, California I11615
12 NABARRO NAVARRO, Juan "John" Esquivel  Abt. 27 Oct 1953Ventura County, California I20322
13 NAVARRO, Abraham  Abt. 7 May 1936Ventura County, California I26163
14 NAVARRO, Elizabeth M. "Lizzie"  Abt. 17 Nov 1937Ventura County, California I11604
15 NAVARRO, Marie "Mary"  Abt. 12 Sep 2011Ventura County, California I11623
16 OLIVAS, "Remigio" Trinidad  Abt. 09 Dec 1928Ventura County, California I15066
17 OLIVAS, Francisca  Abt. 12 Nov 1920Ventura County, California I15071
18 OLIVAS, Jose Adiodato "Francisco" Xavier  Abt. 29 Nov 1909Ventura County, California I15070
19 OLIVAS, Jose de la "Trinidad"  Abt. 7 Jul 1899Ventura County, California I15067
20 OLIVAS, Rebecca  Abt. 7 Jun 1946Ventura County, California I15075
21 ORTEGA, Arabia V.  Abt. 11 May 1927Ventura County, California I19518
22 ORTEGA, John H.  Dec 1903Ventura County, California I11883
23 ORTEGA, Maria Paz  Abt. 12 Aug 1980Ventura County, California I12732
24 ORTEGA, Valentin  Abt. 10 Nov 1918Ventura County, California I12730
25 PACHECO, Maria  Aft. 11 Apr 1930Ventura County, California I11868
26 REYNA, Matiana German  Abt. 1915Ventura County, California I15462
27 RODRIGUEZ, Damasio Feliz "Sam"  Abt. 15 Apr 1945Ventura County, California I17814
28 RUIZ, Joseph "Gregorio"  Abt. 6 Aug 1945Ventura County, California I10077
29 SALAS, Maria Juana Agustina Inez  Nov 1973Ventura County, California I12683
30 SANDERS, Amelia Pauline  Sep 1980Ventura County, California I11627
31 STAFFORD, Carolina J.  Abt. 10 Mar 1937Ventura County, California I11625
32 STAFFORD, William  Abt. 26 Oct 1931Ventura County, California I11626
33 TAPIA, Teodora Marta  Abt. 6 Aug 1965Ventura County, California I12731
34 WAGNER, Jacob  Bef. 1 May 1915Ventura County, California I17847
35 WARMACK, Jefferson Henry  Abt. 24 April 1991Ventura County, California I98


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 AYALA, Alonzo  29-30 Apr 1910Ventura County, California I12685
2 JANSSENS, Rudolph Charles  1910Ventura County, California I11657
3 JANSSENS, Rudolph Charles  1920Ventura County, California I11657
4 LOPEZ, Jose Felis  1870Ventura County, California I11580
5 LOPEZ, Jose Felis  1880Ventura County, California I11580


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID 
1 BELTRAN, Juan "John" Carmona  12 Sep 1918Ventura County, California I17073
2 MARTINEZ, Adolpho Fidel  5 Jun 1917Ventura County, California I22697
3 NABARRO NAVARRO, Juan "John" Esquivel  12 Jul 1918Ventura County, California I20322


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Naturalization    Person ID 
1 ORTEGA, Jose de la Luz de Jesus "Gregorio"  23 Jul 1877Ventura County, California I12733

Voter Registration

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Voter Registration    Person ID 
1 CARRILLO, Luis Antone  1906Ventura County, California I15253


Matches 1 to 38 of 38

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ARELLANES / FLORES  03 Jul 1884Ventura County, California F5167
2 AYALA / GARCIA  18 Mar 1924Ventura County, California F3951
3 AYALA / LEYVA  07 Sep 1874Ventura County, California F4233
4 AYALA / MAYTORENA  27 May 1927Ventura County, California F4236
5 AYALA / SALAS  05 Feb 1900Ventura County, California F4235
6 AYERS / CURRY  20 Sep 1893Ventura County, California F5208
7 CHAFFEE / SOLARI  19 Feb 1998Ventura County, California F3964
8 CORONA / GARCIA  02 Apr 1914Ventura County, California F4271
9 CORONA / RAMIREZ  12 Feb 1921Ventura County, California F4266
10 DELA RIVA / OLIVAS  28 Apr 1883Ventura County, California F5209
11 DELA RIVA / OLIVAS  27 May 1889Ventura County, California F5213
12 FLORES / LOPEZ  18 Oct 1952Ventura County, California F6151
13 FOWLER / JANSSENS PICO  Bef. 28 Oct 1922Ventura County, California F3896
14 FOXEN GARCIA / RUIZ  20 Feb 1905Ventura County, California F3950
15 GARCIA / OLIVAS  24 May 1894Ventura County, California F5204
16 JANSSENS PICO / LOPEZ  04 Nov 1899Ventura County, California F3868
17 LOPEZ / ESQUIVEL  30 Dec 1878Ventura County, California F4367
18 LOPEZ / LOPEZ  31 Oct 1897Ventura County, California F5217
19 LOPEZ / RODRIGUEZ LOPEZ  28 Mar 1875Ventura County, California F3867
20 LORENZANA / GARCIA  Abt. 1931Ventura County, California F3952
21 LORENZANA / PACHECO  22 Jul 1914Ventura County, California F3954
22 MARTINEZ / MORALES  12 Jul 1922Ventura County, California F7320
23 MORAGA / GARCIA  21 Jun 1902Ventura County, California F7467
24 NAVARRO / ESQUIVEL  09 Dec 1874Ventura County, California F4259
25 OLIVAS / OLIVAS  10 Dec 1891Ventura County, California F5211
26 OLIVAS / VASQUEZ  28 Dec 1881Ventura County, California F5210
27 ORTEGA / PACHECO  14 Aug 1899Ventura County, California F3961
28 PETERS / CONSTANCIA  21 Jan 1889Ventura County, California F5312
29 PETERS / HOBSON  20 Jun 1906Ventura County, California F5320
30 PETERS / OLIVAS  16 Apr 1883Ventura County, California F5311
31 RODRIGUEZ / UNKNOWN  1 May 1915Ventura County, California F5762
32 RODRIGUEZ / VILLA  4 Dec 1897Ventura County, California F5754
33 ROMERO / ROMERO  5 Jan 1903Ventura County, California F6126
34 RUIZ / RODRIGUEZ  11 Dec 1887Ventura County, California F7561
35 SANDERS /   02 Aug 1930Ventura County, California F3881
36 STAFFORD / SANDERS  02 Aug 1930Ventura County, California F3882
37 SUYTAR / OLIVAS  07 Dec 1889Ventura County, California F5206
38 VALENCIA / NABARRO NAVARRO  10 Dec 1928Ventura County, California F8350