genealogy of the Schwald-Bergh and Buck-Verdugo families
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New Mexico


Tree: 1. Schwald - WA-NY-OR-TX

State/Province : Latitude: 34.9727305, Longitude: -105.0323635


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ARAGON, Diluvina  Abt. 1815New Mexico I17760
2 ARCHULETA, Antonio Pedro  Bef. 1832New Mexico I25454
3 ARCHULETA, Jose Tomas  Abt. 1833New Mexico I22119
4 ARCHULETA, Maria "Luisa"  Bef. 1833New Mexico I24106
5 ATENCIO, Antonio Jose Esquipulas  Bef. 1848New Mexico I18875
6 BENAVIDEZ, Jennie  Abt. 1917New Mexico I22203
7 CHAVEZ, Jose Gabriel  Abt. 1831New Mexico I23468
8 CHAVEZ, Mariano  Abt. 1804New Mexico I23466
9 CHAVEZ, Patricio  Bef. 1836New Mexico I23492
10 CHAVEZ, Ramon  Abt. 1836New Mexico I23470
11 CRESPIN, Francisco  Abt. 1802New Mexico I16329
12 CRESPIN, Manuel  May 1861New Mexico I23200
13 DAVIS, Jose Agustin  Abt. 1834New Mexico I20225
14 DIGNES, Caroline  Bef. 1909New Mexico I22259
15 DURAN, Concepcion  Abt. 1786New Mexico I8742
16 ESPINOSA, Hipolito  Abt. 1800New Mexico I23497
17 ESPINOSA, Jose "Nestor"  Abt. 1831New Mexico I23495
18 FLORES, Luis  Abt. 1838New Mexico I18859
19 GARCIA, Antonio  Abt. 1791New Mexico I22343
20 GARCIA, Cayetana  Abt. 1830New Mexico I22351
21 GARCIA, Esteban  Abt. 1826New Mexico I22347
22 GARCIA, Juan Cristobal  Abt. 1815New Mexico I22345
23 GARCIA, Julian  Abt. 1831New Mexico I22348
24 GARCIA, Marcelino  Abt. 1824New Mexico I22346
25 GARCIA, Maria Dolores  Abt. 1832New Mexico I22349
26 GARCIA, Maria Florentina  Abt. 1828New Mexico I22338
27 GARCIA, Rafaela  Abt. 1827New Mexico I22350
28 GONZALES, Jose "Loreto"  Apr 1840New Mexico I21326
29 GONZALES, Mary  Bef. 1904New Mexico I25729
30 GRIJALVA, Luciano  Abt. 1806New Mexico I22809
31 GUIRONA, Maria Manuela  Abt. 1814New Mexico I23498
32 JARAMILLO, Juan Jose  Bef. 1814New Mexico I17839
33 JARAMILLO, Juan Nepomuceno  Abt. 1786New Mexico I14644
34 LEMOREAUX, Luis  Bef. 1832New Mexico I14685
35 LOPEZ, Julian  Bef. 1903New Mexico I22258
36 LUCERO, Cesario  Abt. 1846New Mexico I17844
37 LUCERO, Juana  Abt. 1827New Mexico I23471
38 MARQUEZ, Pedro  Bef. 1838New Mexico I16307
39 MARTINEZ, Antonio  Bef. 1806New Mexico I18863
40 MARTINEZ, Demetrio  Abt. 1833New Mexico I24372
41 MARTINEZ, Felipe  Bef. 1822New Mexico I17749
42 MARTINEZ, Jose  Bef. 1839New Mexico I23493
43 MARTINEZ, Jose Leonor  Abt. 1829New Mexico I24362
44 MARTINEZ, Jose Rafael  Bef. 1825New Mexico I24107
45 MARTINEZ, Juan Andres  Abt. 1817New Mexico I18866
46 MARTINEZ, Juan Joseph  Bef. 1820New Mexico I24859
47 MARTINEZ, Juan Nepomuceno de los Angeles  Abt. 1820New Mexico I17675
48 MARTINEZ, Maria "Encarnacion" del Refugio  Abt. 1843New Mexico I17676
49 MARTINEZ, Maria Encarnacion  Abt. 1810New Mexico I23995
50 MARTINEZ, Maria Florentina  Abt. 1835New Mexico I24361

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 JARAMILLO, Juan Nepomuceno  Abt. 1786New Mexico I14644
2 QUINTANA, Diego  Bef. 1828New Mexico I11036
3 VASQUEZ, Juana  New Mexico I13663


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Immigration    Person ID 
1 SERRANO, Jose  1914New Mexico I22204
2 SERRANO, Jose A.  1916New Mexico I22205


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ATENCIO / MARTINEZ  Bef. 1846New Mexico F6141
2 CHAVEZ / GONZALEZ  Bef. 1831New Mexico F7511
3 DAVIS / SANCHEZ  Bef. 1844New Mexico F6586
4 ESPINOSA / GUIRONA  Bef. 1831New Mexico F7521
5 GARCIA / LUCERO  Bef. 1824New Mexico F7248
6 MARTINEZ / ARCHULETA  Bef. 1845New Mexico F7715
7 MARTINEZ / DURAN  Bef. 1841New Mexico F7533
8 MARTINEZ / GALLANO  Bef. 1829New Mexico F7831
9 MUNOZ / BENAVIDEZ  Bef. 1937New Mexico F286
10 QUINTANA / TRUJILLO  Bef. 1828New Mexico F7522
11 RODRIGUEZ / GONZALES  Bef. 1816New Mexico F8222
12 ROWLAND / MARTINEZ  Bef. 1832New Mexico F7666
13 TORRES / UNKNOWN  Bef. 1832New Mexico F7432
14 VELARDE / DURAN  Bef. 1804New Mexico F5704
15 VELARDE / SALAZAR  Bef. 1837New Mexico F5786
16 WORKMAN / RODRIGUEZ  Bef. 1830New Mexico F7726