genealogy of the Schwald-Bergh and Buck-Verdugo families
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Rome, Oneida, New York


Tree: 1. Schwald - WA-NY-OR-TX

City/Town : Latitude: 43.228055, Longitude: -75.490989


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ABBUHL, Martha  10 Oct 1897Rome, Oneida, New York I03364
2 BENNETT, William James (Sr.)  22 Jul 1919Rome, Oneida, New York I02835
3 GIBBS, Charles S.  8 Feb 1940Rome, Oneida, New York I04368
4 GIBBS, Margaret L.  5 Dec 1929Rome, Oneida, New York I04367
5 LIGHTHALL, Ella Mae  20 Sep 1920Rome, Oneida, New York I02749
6 LUTZ, William A.  14 Feb 1907Rome, Oneida, New York I04175
7 MARTIN, Clayton J. (Jr.)  19 Aug 1937Rome, Oneida, New York I03351
8 MARTIN, Leslie W.  15 Nov 1898Rome, Oneida, New York I03339
9 MARTIN, Theodore M.  2 May 1904Rome, Oneida, New York I03337
10 MEUS, Joseph P.  27 Nov 1926Rome, Oneida, New York I04309
11 MURPHY, Silas  5 May 1880Rome, Oneida, New York I04052
12 NORTHRUP, Lloyd  25 Jul 1922Rome, Oneida, New York I03028
13 PETRIE, Charles J.  23 Feb 1923Rome, Oneida, New York I04336
14 PRITCHARD, Cora I.  5 Aug 1916Rome, Oneida, New York I04206
15 SMITH, Clarence W. (Sr.)  8 Dec 1890Rome, Oneida, New York I02644
16 SMITH, Estella  28 Jan 1866Rome, Oneida, New York I03387
17 SMITH, Russell E  25 Aug 1925Rome, Oneida, New York I03319
18 SMITH, Sadie "Sarah"  28 Sep 1888Rome, Oneida, New York I02646
19 STAPLE, Susie A  17 Dec 1874Rome, Oneida, New York I03307
20 YOURDON, Albert J. (Sr.)  24 Feb 1913Rome, Oneida, New York I04292
21 YOURDON, Alberta E.  27 Apr 1910Rome, Oneida, New York I04291
22 YOURDON, Clara B.  28 Jan 1898Rome, Oneida, New York I04294
23 YOURDON, Daniel J.  2 Jan 1900Rome, Oneida, New York I04290
24 YOURDON, Ethel  15 Nov 1925Rome, Oneida, New York I04328
25 YOURDON, Florence A.  1 May 1894Rome, Oneida, New York I04289
26 YOURDON, Mabel  1 Aug 1907Rome, Oneida, New York I04293
27 YOURDON, Sarah  31 Oct 1902Rome, Oneida, New York I04296


Matches 1 to 35 of 35

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ARMSTRONG, Bertha  14 Feb 1992Rome, Oneida, New York I02845
2 BENNETT, Charles  14 Jul 1932Rome, Oneida, New York I02839
3 BENNETT, Donald  19 Jul 1942Rome, Oneida, New York I02843
4 BENNETT, Douglas  25 Dec 1933Rome, Oneida, New York I02842
5 BENNETT, Francis Glenn  13 Aug 1997Rome, Oneida, New York I02838
6 BENNETT, George Albert  6 Dec 1965Rome, Oneida, New York I02832
7 BENNETT, George Henry  7 Aug 1949Rome, Oneida, New York I02831
8 BENNETT, Gordon Howard  12 Nov 1964Rome, Oneida, New York I02833
9 BENNETT, William James (Sr.)  11 Sep 1990Rome, Oneida, New York I02835
10 BOWERS, Pearl B.  2 Mar 1988Rome, Oneida, New York I04091
11 BROCKWAY, Elgin Earl (Sr.)  29 Apr 1929Rome, Oneida, New York I06602
12 COSIMENO, Frank N.  2 Jun 1957Rome, Oneida, New York I04369
13 CUREO, Josephine  26 Jun 1982Rome, Oneida, New York I04394
14 DEMING, Emma  17 Apr 1907Rome, Oneida, New York I02643
15 FOLEY, Arthur Joseph (Sr.)  6 Dec 1957Rome, Oneida, New York I03254
16 FOLEY, Marion Carrie  21 Jan 1955Rome, Oneida, New York I02666
17 FOLEY, Robert W.  20 Mar 1996Rome, Oneida, New York I04482
18 FOLEY, William McKinley (Sr.)  14 Jun 1964Rome, Oneida, New York I02664
19 FRENNETE, Helen Arleta  26 Feb 1998Rome, Oneida, New York I03079
20 JAMESON, Irma L.  12 Feb 1997Rome, Oneida, New York I06946
21 MARTIN, Clayton J. (Jr.)  30 Jul 1961Rome, Oneida, New York I03351
22 MARTIN, Clayton J. (Sr.)  4 Apr 1972Rome, Oneida, New York I03338
23 MARTIN, John Peter  21 Aug 1943Rome, Oneida, New York I03334
24 MARTIN, Theodore M.  23 May 1975Rome, Oneida, New York I03337
25 NORTHRUP, Lloyd  Jun 1977Rome, Oneida, New York I03028
26 SMITH, Alton H  21 Nov 1996Rome, Oneida, New York I03363
27 SMITH, Carrie Curtis  22 Aug 1952Rome, Oneida, New York I03333
28 SMITH, Elwin J.  22 Aug 1945Rome, Oneida, New York I03388
29 SMITH, Estella  21 Jan 1930Rome, Oneida, New York I03387
30 SMITH, John Henry  19 Mar 1915Rome, Oneida, New York I02636
31 SWALD, Edward J.  11 Mar 2008Rome, Oneida, New York I02354
32 WESTBOE, Robert  13 Oct 1982Rome, Oneida, New York I02913
33 YOURDON, Albert J. (Sr.)  7 Jun 1991Rome, Oneida, New York I04292
34 YOURDON, Michael F.  20 Jan 1956Rome, Oneida, New York I04410
35 YOURDON, Walter E.  20 Jan 1956Rome, Oneida, New York I04411


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 CARPENTER / YOURDON  26 Jun 1918Rome, Oneida, New York F1645
2 COSIMENO / GIBBS  26 Jan 1952Rome, Oneida, New York F1669
3 EDIC / LEVENWORTH  1 Jan 1819Rome, Oneida, New York F2167
4 FOLEY / LIGHTHALL  3 Aug 1940Rome, Oneida, New York F1015
5 LIGHTHALL / YOURDON  11 Oct 1919Rome, Oneida, New York F1063
6 LUTZ / SMITH  28 Sep 1905Rome, Oneida, New York F1006
7 LUTZ / TABER  28 Sep 1929Rome, Oneida, New York F1618
8 MARTIN / ADE  7 Sep 1925Rome, Oneida, New York F1333
9 SMITH / STAPLE  24 Nov 1897Rome, Oneida, New York F1309
10 YOURDON / OSTER  23 Oct 1920Rome, Oneida, New York F1646
11 YOURDON / SMITH  21 May 1892Rome, Oneida, New York F1010