genealogy of the Schwald-Bergh and Buck-Verdugo families
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Sonora, Mexico


Tree: 1. Schwald - WA-NY-OR-TX

County/Shire : Latitude: 27.088473156555896, Longitude: -109.500732421875


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ACEDO, Maria de Los Angeles "Angela"  Abt. 1834Sonora, Mexico I17032
2 AGUILA, Jose "Vicente"  Bef. 1769Sonora, Mexico I18758
3 AGUILA, Simon  Bef. 1749Sonora, Mexico I18759
4 AGUIRRE, Luis  Bef. 1839Sonora, Mexico I19005
5 AGUIRRE, Trinidad  Bef. 1859Sonora, Mexico I18995
6 ALVAREZ, Francisco  Bef. 1834Sonora, Mexico I26018
7 ANAYA, Juan  Abt. 1821Sonora, Mexico I15139
8 ANDRADE, Dolores "Lola"  Abt. 1864Sonora, Mexico I17169
9 ARENAS, Cayetano  Abt. 1825Sonora, Mexico I24191
10 ARENAS, Luis  Abt. 1792Sonora, Mexico I24189
11 BERMUDEZ, Juan Hilario  Abt. 1770Sonora, Mexico I11278
12 BERNAL, Juan Francisco  Abt. 1737Sonora, Mexico I10447
13 BOJORQUEZ, Matilde  Bef. 1869Sonora, Mexico I24108
14 CANAS, Beatriz  29 Jul 1847Sonora, Mexico I24242
15 CASTRO, Francisco Marcos  Abt. 1766Sonora, Mexico I10441
16 CASTRO, Margarita  Abt. 1845Sonora, Mexico I11123
17 CASTRO, Maria del Carmen  Abt. 1840Sonora, Mexico I23180
18 CASTRO, Ramon  Bef. 1833Sonora, Mexico I25649
19 CHACON, Agustin  Abt. Aug 1849Sonora, Mexico I15473
20 CONTRERAS, Felipe  Bef. 1762Sonora, Mexico I17599
21 CONTRERAS, Jose  Abt. 1782Sonora, Mexico I17595
22 CONTRERAS, Juan Jose  Bef. 1854Sonora, Mexico I25069
23 CORONADO, Maria Dolores  Bef. 1854Sonora, Mexico I26098
24 ESTRADA, Maria Salome  Abt. 1843Sonora, Mexico I25653
25 ESTRADA, Ysabel  Bef. 1840Sonora, Mexico I25650
26 FELIZ, Nicolas  Abt. 1801Sonora, Mexico I26101
27 FELIZ SERRANO, Saturnina  Bef. 1822Sonora, Mexico I2511
28 FIGUEROA, Maria De La Luz  Abt. 1836Sonora, Mexico I10488
29 GONZALEZ, Jose  Sonora, Mexico I13183
30 GONZALEZ, Refugio  Bef. 1852Sonora, Mexico I25634
31 GONZALEZ, Vicenta  24 Jan 1830Sonora, Mexico I17134
32 GRIJALVA, Anselmo  Between 1835-1841Sonora, Mexico I24479
33 GUIRADO, Rafaela  Abt. 1807Sonora, Mexico I23219
34 GUTIERREZ, Ygnacio Maria  bef. 1750Sonora, Mexico I10465
35 HERNANDEZ, Juan Antonio  Bef. 1770Sonora, Mexico I15375
36 HERNANDEZ, Maria Jacinta  Bef. 1790Sonora, Mexico I15374
37 JOHNSON, Adelaida  Abt. 1830Sonora, Mexico I23225
38 JOHNSON, Anita Feliciana  Abt. 1829Sonora, Mexico I23224
39 LOPEZ, Juana  Bef. 1770Sonora, Mexico I17600
40 MARTINEZ, Cayetano  Abt. 1832Sonora, Mexico I24251
41 MARTINEZ, Jose la "Luz"  Abt. 1829Sonora, Mexico I24777
42 MARTINEZ, Jose Maria  Abt. 1755Sonora, Mexico I12505
43 MARTINEZ, Juan  Abt. 1828Sonora, Mexico I17340
44 MAYEN, Antonio  Abt. 1817Sonora, Mexico I19943
45 MIRANDA, Juan Jose  Abt. 1862Sonora, Mexico I19146
46 MONROY, Joaquin  Abt. 1833Sonora, Mexico I10489
47 MONTES, Juan Jose  Abt. 1824Sonora, Mexico I17598
48 MORENO, Jesus  Abt. 1836Sonora, Mexico I25654
49 MORENO, Teresa  Bef. 1850Sonora, Mexico I13594
50 MORENO, Tomas  Bef. 1841Sonora, Mexico I26021

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 BERMUDEZ, Juan Hilario  Abt. 1770Sonora, Mexico I11278
2 BERNAL, Juan Francisco  Abt. 1737Sonora, Mexico I10447
3 CASTRO, Francisco Marcos  Abt. 1776Sonora, Mexico I10441
4 FIGUEROA, Maria De La Luz  Abt. 1836Sonora, Mexico I10488
5 GONZALEZ, Jose  Sonora, Mexico I13183
6 GUTIERREZ, Ygnacio Maria  Sonora, Mexico I10465
7 MARTINEZ, Jose Maria  Abt. 1755Sonora, Mexico I12505
8 MONROY, Joaquin  Abt. 1833Sonora, Mexico I10489
9 MORENO, Teresa  Bef. 1850Sonora, Mexico I13594
10 PADILLA, Jose Maria  Abt. 1828Sonora, Mexico I12627
11 PEREZ, Antonio  Abt. 1809Sonora, Mexico I11114
12 RAMIREZ, Jose Maria  Sonora, Mexico I13179
13 RANGEL, Maria Josefa  Sonora, Mexico I13178
14 SALAZAR, Jose Pedro Loreto  Abt. 1741Sonora, Mexico I08607
15 SALGUERA, Maria Francisca  Abt. 1835Sonora, Mexico I12628
16 VALENCIA, Juan Ygnacio  Abt. 1735Sonora, Mexico I10821


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 NUNEZ, Francisco  Abt. 1842Sonora, Mexico I23415


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 AGUILA / ORIELAS  Bef. 1769Sonora, Mexico F6101
2 ARENAS / PRECIADO  Bef. 1825Sonora, Mexico F7754
3 CONTRERAS / LOPEZ  Bef. 1782Sonora, Mexico F5677
4 GONZALEZ / ESPINOSA  Bef. 1839Sonora, Mexico F3688
5 JOHNSON / GUIRADO  Abt. 1826Sonora, Mexico F7438
6 NAVARRO / PERALTA  Bef. 1852Sonora, Mexico F5512
7 REYES / GONZALEZ  Bef. 1856Sonora, Mexico F5514